Sales Referral Program




Our company offers the best business opportunity that is second to none!

When a purchase is made, everyone gets an ID# which allows one the choice to just enjoy the product or pursue the business to make any desired amount of money, all that it takes is additional time and effort, with tools that are readily available. Hands on tools such as websites, three way calls, videos, live demonstrations and YouTube access sites. However, the key to success in this business is EXPOSURE AND SAMPLE SHARING. Exposure in this sense is inviting your prospects to a live presentation, so he or she can gather all the facts, while sample sharing is giving away samples of the product for free and in abundance.

Our company’s compensation plan is a simple eight point system that pays from the bottom up. Each unit that is sold pays out eight points, and the point structure is based on whichever unit is purchased. The amount you receive as a distributor is based on your rank, the higher your rank, the more you will receive. 

8 Point System.JPG


Welcome to our Sales Referral Program, an opportunity for you to earn vast amount of income as desired. Whether you opt to pursue it full-time or part-time, it all rest with you.

Your goal is to refer prospects to our product and once they purchase, you will be paid. If a buyer purchase their unit using the company’s financing program, you will receive partial payment, however if the unit is purchased in full, then you will receive full payment.

Please ensure that you know and are using your Team Leaders ID# since payments will only be made when the sale happens with that team leader ID#. For example, if you expose a prospect to our products, that person purchased from someone outside of your Team Leader, meaning another distributor, and you learned of the purchase, but it did not occur through your Team Leader, then payment will not be made to you.

This referral sales program is as easy as 1 2 3, why? You don’t have to leave your 9-5 job to do it, you don’t have to leave your personal everyday life to do it…you can do it on the go, as you go about your everyday situation. All that you have to do is expose prospects and when the sale is closed you get paid. It does not get any simpler, why not try it today? An extra income in your household can only do you good, so LETS GO!

Sales Referral  Program Rate Sheet

PRODUCTS                          CASH SALE                    PARTIAL SALE

Leveluk Super SD501                        $600.00                             $200.00

Leveluk K8                                   $500.00                             $150.00

Leveluk SD501U                              $450.00                             $150.00

Leveluk SD501                                $400.00                            $150.00

Anespa (shower unit)                       $300.00                            $150.00

Leveluk JR11                                  $200.00                            $100.00

Leveluk R                                     $150.00                             $50.00

Ukon  (SIGMA)                               $150.00                             $50.00