Watch videos below to be informed about our flagship product.

Simple Truths About Ionized Water:  Richard Cohen MD :


Explains the importance of consuming Alkalized water, how much we need to drink, when we should drink and the overall purpose of  Microclustered Water.




This video shows and explains the difference between bottled waters, tap water and Kangen Water.  This is an eye opening demo and a MUST WATCH!!




Explains the science behind Kangen Water and why it works compatible with the cells of the Human Body and Living Organisms in general – This is an amazing video and is highly recommended for folks in the medical field and for anyone who needs details.


Elite Group Part 1

Business Presentation

THE POWER OF ENAGIC 2.5 WATER.  This video gives an extensive breakdown of the 2.5 water, watch and listen in detail as Dr. Paul shares.